Conference Call: Work to do

Maurizio Sarri said his side have a lot of problems to solve following our 3-1 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur.

The Blues conceded two early goals and struggled to exert any control over the course of the contest, falling to our first loss of the campaign at Wembley.

Reflecting on the performance, Sarri spoke of his frustration.

‘I knew very well we had a lot of problems to solve and today that was clear for everybody,’ said the Italian. ‘I hope first of all for the players, because I told them in the last week that we had big problems with our approach to matches and today was the same, but the level of the opponent was different and in 16 minutes it was 2-0. That was the first problem but today I saw a lot of problems because we played very badly, physically, mentally, technically, especially in the first 25 minutes, tactically, so we have a lot to work on and a lot of problems to solve. But I knew that very well before this match and now it’s clear for everybody, I hope firstly for the players.

‘We have to work in training. You know very well it’s not easy, unfortunately we have no time, we have to play every three days so it’s very difficult to have training just for improving the team and single players, we only have time to prepare for the next match.

‘But we have to do something because today the defensive phase was a disaster. I’m not talking about the defensive line, the defensive phase. The offensive players pressed very badly, the midfielders didn’t defend well and as a consequence the defensive line was a disaster.

‘It was clear after five minutes of the match that it was very difficult to use Jorginho as usual. We had to get the ball from the centre-backs to the opposite full-backs, that was the only way to have one or two seconds of playing the ball. We were surprised because they normally play with a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, but today they played 4-3-1-2.

‘After five minutes the situation was very clear. We lost a lot of balls and against Tottenham it’s very dangerous to lose the ball in your half because in short counter attacks they are one of the strongest teams in Europe. It was a disaster and after 20 minutes 2-0 was the minimum.’

Sarri was asked if the decision not to award Eden Hazard a penalty, at 1-0, had an impact on the outcome

‘I don’t think so because for 90 minutes there was a difference. I have to study the 90 minutes, not only one action. I don’t know if it was a penalty, I saw it from 50 or 60 metres away. From the bench, in my opinion, it was a penalty but Tottenham won very well.’

He also explained why at one point in the game we played with Hazard up front

‘Because I had to do something different in order to change the match, but it wasn’t important because today they were better than us, 11 players out of 11. I wanted to change the match with something different but I could have changed 11 players with the same result.’