David Luiz: Bouncing back

In football, you never have to wait too long for an opportunity to respond to a setback, and for David Luiz, the fact we play two consecutive matches at Stamford Bridge this week provides us with the perfect chance to react after falling to our first defeat of the season.

That reverse came at Wembley on Saturday as we were beaten 3-1 by Tottenham, the Blues conceding twice early on and unable to find a route back into the contest.

David Luiz spoke about the collective frustration following a disappointing display, as well as the importance of working to improve when the players return to Cobham, ahead of home matches against PAOK and Fulham.

‘I think we’ve done great up until Saturday, it wasn’t a great night for us,’ said the defender. ‘We didn’t play well, Tottenham played well. We must have the humility to recognise that and say they controlled the game. It wasn’t good, like we’ve been doing all season, in all aspects; defensive, offensive, we didn’t have possession, we didn’t create a lot. We weren’t in the game and that’s why we lost.

‘We have to analyse what we did badly as soon as possible and try to improve during the week, then try to win the next game. We are not happy. It was a big derby, our fans were there and tried to help us so we are sorry for them because we didn’t play a great game. They always support us, they go everywhere and do a great job. Now we have the opportunity to play at home, try to win games and come back in a positive way like we’ve been doing since the beginning of the season.

‘It’s good for us to understand and be reminded that in the Premier League it’s never easy to win a game. We didn’t play well. We played really badly, we didn’t have the same intensity as in other games. The good thing is that next week we have another game so we have an opportunity to try to get some points. Then we have an opportunity to play against Man City, who are top of the table, so we can try to make the gap smaller.’


Eden Hazard had a couple of penalty appeals waved away during the first half on Saturday, and David Luiz was asked about the physical treatment his team-mate receives.

‘It’s not just Eden, it’s players all over the world, especially these players who play a lot with the ball, with skills, one against one,’ he responded.

‘If the tackle is hard of course they [the referees] can protect, but the rules are for everyone. Eden’s a strong player physically, he gets some tackles when he has the ball but that’s part of football, part of the game.

‘If the referee understands they are making one, two, three fouls in this way he has to show a yellow card, they have to be clever and understand that.’