Hudson-Odoi: I saw the crowd, I realised I had scored

His first full 90 minutes, his first Chelsea goal and an assist as well, the win over PAOK certainly goes down as a night to remember for Callum Hudson-Odoi.

It is one he sensed might be on the cards as well.

Our young attacker, who turned 18 at the start of the month, was prominent throughout against a Greek side who went down to 10 men early in the game. He struck the bar in the first half and it was with an hour gone he hit the back of the net with a firm, low shot, following that up later on with a cross for Alvaro Morata to make the final score 4-0.

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‘I got the opportunity to start the game and I thought to myself do you know what, today could be the day,’ Hudson-Odoi revealed after the win.

‘I thought to myself every time I got the ball to just do what I do normally, keep it simple at times but to just do my normal stuff and as soon as I got the goal I could not believe it, I thought it was a dream!

‘As soon as I saw the crowd jumping I realised it was actually a goal, I had actually scored the first goal for my club, especially coming up from the Academy. The assist as well, that just tops off the night. We worked hard and we deserve all the goals that we got.’

Now he is naturally hoping for more game time but he is clear what is needed for that to come his way.

‘Every opportunity I get I will keep striving and keep working hard, especially in training because that proves everything. To come onto the pitch for 90 minutes in this game boosted my confidence to get more minutes and hopefully to keep getting more fitness. Keep working hard and hopefully more opportunities will come.’

Before that thought, Hudson-Odoi is allowing himself a little celebration.

‘With all my family,’ he announced. ‘They have always been there for me from the start and helped me all the way so I will definitely go back and celebrate with them and then go back out [training] tomorrow.’