I want to score but we need to win

Alvaro Morata’s recent scoring run has taken him up to five goals in the Premier League for the season, two fewer than the current leading marksmen in the competition who number Eden Hazard among them.

The 15- to 20-goal-a-season striker is often talked about as desirable or by some, even essential, and Morata, who registered 11 league goals in his first campaign here, has considered the prospect of being up among the Premier League’s chart-toppers when it comes to goals, and how important it is for the Chelsea team’s overall chances.

‘Of course I want [to be among the top scorers] but I think it is not the most important thing,’ he said. ‘If we want to be in a position to fight for the Premier League I need to score many goals, Eden has to score many goals, Olivier has to score many goals and all the attackers, Willian, Pedro, Ross Barkley. We need goals to win. It is not the most important thing [to be top scorer]. Sometimes you play good and you give a lot of things for the team and you don’t score, and it seems like you play bad.

‘In the Premier League there are the best strikers in the world I think. There is Salah, there is Mane, there is Firmino, Aguero, Kane. In Spain and Italy there are good strikers but here you have 10 strikers who can score every weekend and it is very hard, but at the end of the season the important thing is to be in the first place [in the League]. If you score 15 or 20, that is good because we are strikers and we want to score but we need to win also.

‘I need to work a lot to be like them. I have started scoring again for two weeks and now I am happy, the team plays good and I don’t need to think about scoring more goals than other players.

‘For sure I always want to score because it is good for me and sometimes people think I don’t like to score, but there are good defenders and good keepers. But now I think I have more chances than last year. Last year I could only score with headers and this year I don’t score with headers, it is different, but the most important thing is I finally find the right way and my head is okay.’

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