Lifting the Lid: Kepa Arrizabalaga

Our goalkeeper Kepa is the next player to tell us about life behind the scenes at Chelsea and Cobham.

The 24-year-old reveals which of our outfielders he reckons could do a job in goal, who is always on Instagram, and which team-mate he would take along to a gig...

Who has been the best player in training lately?

Cesc Fabregas.

Of the outfield players, who would also make a good goalkeeper?

Pedro is very quick and could get across the goal quickly!

Of the goalkeepers, who would make the best striker?

I see myself more as a centre-half! I think Robert or Willy would be better up front! I’m a solid defender.

Who do you sit with on away trips? What do you do to pass the time?

I sit next to Willy Caballero on away trips and behind Alvaro Morata. We try and arrange ourselves around the tables so there are seven or eight players chatting about the game, or as the game gets closer we concentrate and put our music on.

Who is the biggest joker in the dressing room?

Pedro - I think it's the hot climate of the Canary Islands that makes him funny!

Who is the quietest?

Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

Who is the loudest?

David Luiz.

Who is good at free-kicks in training that we might not know about?

Ross Barkley hits it hard.

Who is the most active on Instagram?

Alvaro is very active!

If you could book any music act to play at Under the Bridge [the venue at Stamford Bridge], who would it be and which players would you try to convince to come with you?

I would book Bruno Mars. I don’t know who likes Bruno Mars in our team, but I would take Azpi.

And the question from Pedro: where do you want to go on holiday where you have never been?

I normally go to Ibiza every summer, but where I would love to go would be Asia, and in particular Japan.