Chelsea Foundation

Hard work, creativity, passion and persistence

The Chelsea FC Foundation’s Edge of the Box Club last week celebrated its third year anniversary with an event at Stamford Bridge.

Established in 2015, the Edge of the Box Club programme was created for job seekers who are looking to start a business, local start-ups and businesses who care about start-ups and it provides a platform where start-ups can address problems and find solutions through collaborative innovation.

Over the last three years, the programme has provided innovation workshops, guest speakers and opportunities to build the right networks, with the Edge of the Box Club attracting more than 125 start-up businesses each month. It is considered one of the most important early start-up clubs in London.

Speaking at the event in the Harris Suite on Friday, Chelsea Foundation employability and enterprise manager Carl Southwell said: ‘We had a mission three years ago to support the local economy by educating people with entrepreneurial skills, how to think like a start-up and using technology.

‘The combination of people with a business idea, early stage start-ups and businesses who care about start-ups has seen us grow over the three years and become the most important early stage start-up club in London.

‘More than 150 start-ups attended to help us celebrate our third year anniversary and more than 3000 have attended over the last three years.

‘That is a huge number and represents a lot of hard work, creativity, passion and persistence from all the people who have contributed and supported the club.

‘We have broken down many barriers and attracted huge organisations like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Salesforce to support our community of start-ups.

‘It’s completely unique, but just shows the ability of sport to create social impact in any area and environment.’

Wendy Fry, founder of Stress2Success, a business which provides modern stress management strategies for stress relief, said: ‘Edge of the Box is for entrepreneurs on the edge of taking their business to the next level.

‘The programme has awesome speakers, tailored workshops and the inspirational success stories from those who have made it in business are what makes this club unique.’

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