Fabregas: It's not the real face of Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas says he and the team have only ever received ‘amazing’ treatment from our supporters, and the midfielder believes passion can be displayed without a line being crossed.

Fabregas captained Chelsea for the first time in a competitive fixture last night away against MOL Vidi but following incidents involving our supporters, both in Hungary and during the recent win over Manchester City, he spoke about the club’s image at present.

‘It’s the first time I hear about this,’ Fabregas responded, when asked shortly after the game about last night’s incident. ‘All I can say is when I'm in the street, when I'm at Stamford Bridge, all over the world when we've travelled with Chelsea they [the fans] have been amazing to me and to the team. That’s all I can say.

‘I don't know who is responsible for these things but, once again, I cannot accept or I cannot agree with this. This happens to all football clubs. This is not the real face of Chelsea. I'm sorry to hear that. If something happened it will be dealt with. The focus now is on Chelsea for what happened. Unfortunately if we look around carefully all over the world, all sports, all football clubs, we will find things like that. The quicker we get rid of these people, the better.

‘There's an investigation, the club is dealing with this very, very well. Whatever needs to be done will be done. I've no doubt about that.

‘If that means, or this helps, in this situation for this not to happen somewhere else, all over the world, not only in football, any kind of sport or social life, I'd be happy with this. If we have to be taught a lesson at Chelsea to improve whatever happens around the world, then I'm happy.’

An experienced player who has represented some of the world’s biggest clubs, Fabregas has often been on the receiving end of unkind words from opposition fans. However, the Spaniard says there is a line which should never be crossed.

‘One-hundred per cent,’ he replied, having been asked if supporters can still display passion without going over the top. ‘There's always insults; I've had so many of them over the years when you warm up, and even jokes. That's fine for me.

‘When we cross the line with racism, it's too far, it shouldn't be allowed. The people that did it got caught, they will be punished for it and they will be taught a big lesson in their lives. I hope this will help for many other reasons in life.’