Sarri: Fighting together against the problem

Maurizio Sarri has once again condemned all forms of racism and discrimination in light of recent events.

In his press conference ahead of Thursday’s Europa League game against MOL Vidi, the Italian gave his reaction to the incident involving Raheem Sterling during last Saturday’s match against Manchester City, and the Blues boss has reiterated his stance on the matter.

'As I said [prior to the Vidi game], what can I say?’ he said. ‘I can only say that I condemn every form of racism and discrimination. Then I have to think about football, my team, my players. The club will react for sure.'

The line of questioning in Sarri’s last couple of press conferences has focused more on the subject of racism and discrimination, rather than the football itself, and he was asked whether he experienced similar during his time in Italy.

'No, in Italy you have to speak a lot about football, about choice, about positions on the pitch and substitutions,’ Sarri explained.

‘The questions are about football usually. There are the same problems in Italy. There is form of discrimination with people of the south part of Italy. I was the coach in Naples for three years and I know very well the situation. In the press conference I can say that 95 per cent of the questions were about football.'

Sarri doesn’t believe the problem is solely restricted to England, as he explained.

'It's common that it is a problem. It is normal to fight all together against the problem. I am sometimes surprised that everybody asks England [to find] the solution. There is not a solution. There are some stupid people in England, France, Italy, it is the same all over the world.'