Zola reacts to Mourinho’s Manchester United departure

Chelsea legend and our assistant first team coach Gianfranco Zola has predicted our former manager Jose Mourinho will be back in action soon following the announcement that his time at Manchester United has ended.

Mourinho became Man United boss two-and-half seasons ago but left Old Trafford earlier today. Shortly after the news broke, Zola was asked for his reaction.

‘It’s never pleasant to see a coach being dismissed from a job, not pleasant for anyone, especially someone like Jose who has won so much in the game and so much for this club [Chelsea],' the Italian said.

‘I’m sad like many others and I want to wish him all the best in a new adventure. I’m sure he will soon have another adventure somewhere else.’

As well as currently being an assistant, Zola has been a manager himself, and added when asked if Mourinho is now finished:

‘Nowadays getting the sack is part of our job, it belongs to everyone, from small coaches to the big ones, so I’m not sure about that. Knowing the character of Jose I’m sure he will want to bounce back as soon as possible.’