Power, pride and strength

To coincide with the change from Chelsea Ladies to Chelsea FC Women, some of the team took part in a photoshoot with a difference recently...

Anita Asante, Ramona Bachmann, Millie Bright, Erin Cuthbert, Magda Eriksson, Gilly Flaherty, Fran Kirby and Hedvig Lindahl were joined by Dazed magazine and girls from our regional talent centre at Cobham, combining thoughts on the changing face of the women’s game with a distinctive photo session.

‘There are so many girls playing football now,’ Bright said. ‘And it makes me feel like I want to take responsibility and give them the best way to success as I possibly can. Demanding more from Chelsea, more from everyone – to invest more in women’s football – so young girls can have an easy way as it is in men’s football.’

These images, and more quotes from the team, feature in a Dazed article about the changing attitudes to the women’s game and how female footballers are breaking down barriers in the sport.

Kirby, meanwhile, has spoken about the change of name. She said: ‘When you hear the word “women” you think of power, pride and strength. It’s a step forward in the women’s game that will only help other aspects get better.

‘We work so hard every day on the pitch so we feel we should be respected as the athletes and the strong, powerful women that we are.’