Club Partners

We Are Female Fans campaign begins

Our principal club partner Carabao has launched a new campaign to help change perceptions of female football fans.

Together with photography collective This Fan Girl, Carabao has shot five diverse images of female England fans with the aim of getting them to the top of online search engine results, and change how female football fans are represented.

Carabao is calling on fans to share stories about the campaign on social media using the hashtag #WeAreFemaleFans.

Anna Cooke, Carabao brand manager said: ‘This week the World Cup will kick off and be watched by millions of fans, male and female, yet it won’t be long before the cameras are focusing gratuitously on female fans in the crowd and soon those images will feature online.

‘Our campaign wants to tackle this and profile all female football fans, whatever their age, shape or size. All you have to do is share a link and soon these images will rocket up online searches and see female fans represented in the same way as men.’

Former Chelsea FC Women captain Katie Chapman, who retired this summer after helping the Blues to a second Super League and FA Cup Double, has also lent her support to the campaign. She said: ‘All players come from a wide range of backgrounds, but I’m sure we’d all agree that we’re football fans first and foremost. That’s why I fully support Carabao’s We Are Female Fans campaign as a fantastic step towards more diverse representation of female football.’

Amy Drucquer, founder of This Fan Girl, believes the campaign is an important step. She said: ‘This is something we’ve felt passionately about since we started taking photos of female football fans in 2016. With the backing of Carabao, We Are Female Fans is set to take our project to the next level by effecting tangible and visible change.’

You can find out more here and show your support using #WeAreFemaleFans.