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Foundation at the heart of Primary Stars event

As part of the latest Premier League Primary Stars event, pupils at the Hermitage School in Woking, Surrey, got their hands on the Premier League trophy.

The Premier League delivered an assembly before pupils were able to get their photographs taken with the prestigious Premier League trophy and club mascot Stamford the Lion.

As part of the Premier League Writing Stars initiative, Chelsea FC Foundation staff then delivered practical and academic activities to the pupils related to the theme ‘resilience’.

One of those pupils included Sadie Trotter (pictured top image), who was announced as the winner of the National Writing Stars competition which was launched last year to every school in England and Wales.

In total, 25,200 poems on the resilience theme had been sent in by primary school children aged five-11 and 10-year-old Sadie’s poem was chosen as the winner by a panel which included Chelsea legend Frank Lampard.

Chelsea Foundation schools education coordinator Sam Mardle said: ‘We’ve been here today for a celebration event for the Premier League’s Writing Stars and we have been lucky to have a winner come from one of the schools we have been working in.

‘More than 20,000 entries and Sadie was chosen as the winner by the judges so the event is to celebrate the Primary Stars values and what we deliver as a Foundation.

‘It is massively important for us to get involved with the community because the power of the badge is huge.

‘You walk in and you can see the kids are massively inspired and it gets people who may have been disengaged within English and Maths participating.

‘We try and base a lot of our sessions on being resilient in P.E lessons but not only that, through our Maths and English lessons too.

‘I was running the classes this morning and we were talking about role models and Sadie is a role model for other people within the class so I think it’s already having a massive impact on helping the children understand they can overcome challenges.’

Sadie said: ‘I thought most people would write about football as it is with the Premier League so I wanted to be different and I decided to write my poem about my Mum who has cancer.

‘When I was told in an assembly a few months ago that I had won I actually started crying, my parents were there and they were really happy and proud of me.’

Mrs F Sahi, who is one of Sadie’s teachers at the Hermitage School, said: ‘Sadie’s poem was about someone suffering from cancer and how that person was resilient, they didn’t give up, they pushed through the pain and now they are fit and healthy.

‘It’s an amazing poem because it actually starts saying she gave up, she just wanted to sleep all the time, she doesn’t want to do anything anymore and then Sadie reads it back to us and it’s the opposite – that person does want to recover, does want to fight back, will not give up, will be resilient and just keeps pushing through despite facing the obstacles along the way.

She added: ‘It’s great for the children because as they grow up they will face challenges in their lives and it’s about showing them that we need to be resilient and never give up.

‘Having the Premier League and Chelsea Foundation involved is fantastic because it’s showing children that you may not necessarily be so great at sport but you can’t give up, you need to be resilient and keep trying.’

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