Alonso: Taking tips

Marcos Alonso believes Jorginho has a big role to play this season and says his knowledge of Maurizio Sarri’s style of football has already been beneficial.

The Italian international followed our new head coach from Napoli to Chelsea earlier this month, and in Perth yesterday he played his first 45 minutes for the Blues, immediately impressing with his quick and tidy use of the ball in midfield.

Alonso played against Jorginho during his time in Italy and is now delighted to call him a team-mate.

‘He looks very good,’ the Spaniard.

‘He is used to playing this way, and he is going to be a great help for everybody. He is giving us tips to get used to this way of playing.

‘He moves very well on the pitch, he plays with confidence, and since day one he has looked good.’

Alonso has also enjoyed working under Sarri and looks set to revert to left-back in a four-man defence. The different formation and philosophy presents a challenge to the players but also excitement at what is to come.

‘We are working on a new formation, a new style that he is asking of us. He wants us to press high, he wants the team to be together, to have possession of the ball. For a week we have been training very hard and trying to learn new things.

‘We are having fun. The atmosphere in the changing room is very good. The mood is fantastic and we are working very well.’