Lifting the Lid: Willian

In the first of a new feature for 2018/19, Willian digs deep to provide us with snippets from behind the scenes about some of his Chelsea team-mates.

As well as highlighting the free-kick prowess of one of his compatriots, Willian tells us which of his team-mates has caught his eye on the training pitch of late and how time is passed while travelling on away trips....


Who has been the best player in training recently?

Everyone has been training well but I would say Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic have been very good. They both bring a lot of quality to the team.

Any there any outfield players who fancy themselves in goal?

Maybe David Luiz, he’s crazy enough to be a goalkeeper. If we had to put an outfield player in goal during a game I'm sure he would nominate himself. I know John Terry did that in a game before I joined the club.

Are there any defenders who would make good strikers?

Again, David Luiz. He used to play as a midfielder when he was younger, but he was quite attacking, so I think he would be good up front.

Who do you sit with on away trips? What do you do to pass the time?

I sit with David Luiz because I’ve known him since I was eight so we are very close, we have a great relationship. We play games such as Fortnite and I enjoy reading as well, then I pray before I go to bed.

Who controls the music in the dressing room?

Toni Rudiger, he’s the DJ.

Who is good at lifting the morale after a defeat?

I would say players like Gary Cahill, David Luiz and Cesar Azpilicueta, they have good leadership qualities and are good in those situations.

Who is the biggest joker?

David Luiz, definitely. He is crazy, always joking around and laughing.

Who is the quietest person in the dressing room?

N’Golo Kante. He’s very shy and quiet. You could see that even when he won the World Cup, he didn’t want to pick up the trophy, it was unbelievable.

Who is the loudest?

I would say Rudiger.

Who is good at free-kicks in training that we may not know about?

Emerson is dangerous from free-kicks, he has a very good left foot.

Who takes the best group Instagram picture?

I don’t know who takes the best but we don’t have too many players who put stuff on Instagram all the time. I have an account but I only use it every now and again.

Who should the fans follow on social media?

Willian (laughs).

Who do you eat with at Cobham?

Usually the Brazilians – David Luiz, Emerson and Jorginho. Jorginho and Emerson are Brazilian-Italians now because they both play for Italy but I would be happy for them to play for Brazil with me (laughs).

Who took the longest time to learn English?

To be honest everybody speaks English well, obviously Jorginho and Emerson haven’t been here too long but they’re learning quickly. Previously it was Ramires when he was here.


- Keep your eye out for the second instalment of this feature, in which Willian himself has supplied a question for one of his team-mates to answer.

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