Chelsea Foundation

Mayor of Elmbridge visits Cobham

The Surrey Mayors enjoyed a special day at Cobham on Tuesday for their annual visit to the club’s training ground.

On their arrival, the group were greeted by assistant first team coach Gianfranco Zola and enjoyed lunch before beginning their tour of the facilities, during which time the positive work being carried out by the Chelsea Foundation in the local community was highlighted.

As the tour came to an end the Mayor of Elmbridge Councillor Shweta Kapadia spoke about the world class facilities at Cobham and the relationship between the club and local community.

‘We are ever so grateful to Chelsea for hosting all the mayors of Surrey. We’ve been shown around the facilities and they are probably some of the best in the world,’ said the Mayor. ‘We’ve seen the indoor training facilities, the Academy and the gym as well, it’s been excellent.

‘The work that Chelsea do in the community is very important and I have to say as a borough we are ever so pleased to have Chelsea within Eldridge. We work as a partnership – we have worked with Chelsea and Chelsea have worked with us - and the end result is something that we can all be proud of. In terms of the work Chelsea do within the borough, we are again very grateful.

‘We have youth clubs involved in the Chelsea programmes and I think that’s very important, and we also recognise that it isn’t just in Elmbridge that Chelsea work, they also work with other youth clubs throughout Surrey.’