Chelsea represented at ePL finals

Chelsea’s ePremier League (ePL) gamers were in action close to Stamford Bridge at the tournament finals last week, with one of the pair coming agonisingly close to glory.

Jas Singh and Ryan Pessoa qualified for the finals in last month’s club tournament at the Bridge, Jas on the Playstation 4 and Ryan the Xbox One, stepping forward into the league-wide event in west London,, which was broadcast live on Sky Sports.

Day one saw Jas surge through the group stages with a 100 per cent record, winning each of his matches with a +10 goal difference, while unfortunately Ryan fell to early elimination.

Jas returned for the knockout stages on day two, with his winning momentum taking him past the highly fancied Crystal Palace representative in the Playstation semis and into the final.

Standing in the way was Manchester United underdog KyleLeese_, but it proved to be a step too far for the Chelsea man. Having played out a 2-2 draw, he was beaten by a United winner in the first minute of extra-time, denying him a place in the cross-console final.

Still, it was an impressive performance from Jas, who was one of nearly 7,000 Chelsea entrants into the inaugural ePL competition.

You can see all the action from day two of the tournament here, with the Chelsea man's games coming in at at 2:28:24 and 6:35:14. 


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