Lifting the Lid: Jorginho

Jorginho is the latest member of the squad to provide some behind-the-scenes snippets on life at Chelsea, including which players love trying their hand in goal and who is on social media the most.

The midfielder also answers an unusual question from Rob Green, the last player to complete the Q and A...

Who has been the best player in training lately?

It tends to change from one session to the next so I can’t say there has been one who has been better than the rest.

Who is the biggest joker in the dressing room?

There are a few! David Luiz, Willian and Gonzalo.

Who is the quietest?


Who is the loudest?

David. Always.

Of the outfield players, who would also make a good goalkeeper?

Eden of course not! Emerson likes playing in goal, and Giroud as well. One of them.

Of the defenders, who would make the best striker?

I think David Luiz. He has the attributes to be a striker, and he is also the craziest as well so he would do it!

Who do you sit with on away trips? What do you do to pass the time?

I sit in a table of four with Emerson, Willian and David. We chat, we have a laugh and we mess about.

Who is good at lifting morale after a bad result?

Caballero. He goes around and speaks to everyone and says ‘come on lads, keep your head up’.

Who is the most active on social media?

Ruben. Or Callum. The young ones!

If you could watch any musical act at Under the Bridge, who would it be, and which players would you try to convince to come with you?

Marilia Mendonca, a famous Brazilian singer. And I would take the Brazilian players with me because they know her!

And the question from Rob Green - would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

I can imagine why this question has come from him! Errrr…a horse-sized duck!

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