Willian delights young Chelsea fan with impromptu kickabout

When a young Chelsea fan bumped into Willian outside Stamford Bridge earlier this week he could never have imagined what would happen next...

A video posted on Facebook showed 11-year-old aspiring footballer Daniel McGee casually kicking a ball about with our Brazilian star in the Stamford Bridge forecourt after he approached him with a ball.

The family had travelled to London from Co Tyrone in Northern Ireland for Daniel's first ever game, our 2-2 draw with Burnley on Monday night.

Having already received a handshake from Eden Hazard, the 11-year-old ran to Willian for an autograph, and then found himself playing keepy-uppy with one of his idols.

Describing the exchange, Daniel's mother Bernie said: 'Daniel asks for an autograph... I'm busy getting the camera ready so I can't hear properly, but I just see Willian turn his back on Daniel and I think 'oh no!!'

'But he actually said, 'Do you want to play?' And that's how it happened really. I hit record then. 

'I think we are still in shock! I don't think its sunk in with him.'

Dreams do come true! 

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