Jorginho focused on task at hand

Jorginho says the only thing on the Chelsea players’ minds is what we need to do to secure a top-four place, one game at a time, starting with a win against Manchester United.

We currently hold the advantage in the race for Champions League qualification, with a narrow one-point lead over Arsenal and the Red Devils a further point behind, meaning our fate is in our own hands and wins in each of our last three Premier League games would guarantee at least a fourth-place finish.

However, the Italian international knows that won’t be an easy task, and insists the players will just be concentrating on our own performance and securing the win, without being distracted by thoughts of United’s recent drop in form or any potential backlash from wounded opposition in front of the Old Trafford fans, following their defeat in the Manchester derby.

‘After the Burnley game the manager said: “We’ve got three games left, we’re going to have to play them as if they are three finals and we need to win them all,”’ Jorginho explained.

‘We’re not really focusing on what they may or may not be doing, we really have to focus on our own game, on what we’re capable of doing. We need to go out there and win these three games and the next one is obviously going to be very important for us as well.

‘The atmosphere in those types of stadiums has to serve as a motivation for all of us, so that we give our best and we play with our heart, which is really important as well. And then, ultimately, we need to win the game, because at the moment the most important thing is to get the result.

‘As I said, we’ve got three games left and all three of them are finals. We have to take them one game at a time, but quite clearly we need to go there and we need to set our stall out to win the game.’

The battle for Champions League qualification has remained nail-bitingly close throughout 2018/19, with just four points separating as many teams from third to sixth place in the league table, even at this late stage of the season.

That is in part down to a fiercely competitive campaign across the top flight and a number of unexpected set-backs for all the leading teams, preventing any side from fully capitalising on others’ mistakes to build a gap.

But as Jorginho points out, we have been frustrated in that sense as much as any other club, as shown recently when we were held to a draw by Burnley after defeats for both Manchester United and Arsenal.

‘I guess you could say the same about us as well, because we didn’t really exploit other teams losing games, because we haven’t won the games that perhaps we should have won,’ continued the 27-year-old.

‘But it’s not about ifs and buts at this stage, that’s why I think the Premier League is the toughest league in the world, because you can’t take anything for granted whatsoever, and the recent results are proof of that.’

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