Lifting the Lid: Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud, topscorer in this season’s Europa League and first Chelsea player ever to score 10 goals in a single season in European football, is the latest member of the squad to provide some behind-the-scenes snippets on life at Chelsea, including some games played on away trips and a free-kick packing full-back.

The striker also answers a question from Jorginho, who was the previous player to complete this Q&A

Of the outfield players, who fancies himself in goal? A lot of the other players have said you!

It is true I like to go in goal in training but there is also Gonzalo, he likes to play in goal in training as well.

Of the defenders, who would make the best striker?

I would say maybe Zappa, because Zappa has a very good shot and he has scored some very nice goals. And Marcos. People know about his goalscoring.

Who do you sit with on away trips? What do you do to pass the time?

The French-speaking boys, N’Golo and Eden, and in front of me there is Rudi and Mateo. Most of the time we just talk about a bit of everything, we have a good understanding, and sometimes I play chess and scrabble with N’Golo - French scrabble but on a phone.
I have to say that at chess, he is better than me but scrabble, I am far better than him!

Who is good at lifting morale after a bad result?

Maybe the staff, but from the players, Azpi always tries to be positive, David Luiz also, and I think I can be very positive also. I am someone who always thinks positively.

Who is the biggest joker in the dressing room?

There are a lot but I would say David Luiz, Danny Drinkwater and Willian.

Who is the quietest?

N’Golo, for sure. He does speak sometimes but not often.

Who is the loudest?

David or Toni Rudiger. Definitely, or at least most of the time.

Who is good at free-kicks in training that we might not know about?

The best free-kick shooter is maybe Willian and Ross for right foot, Marcos and myself left foot. I scored a nice one this season and at training sometimes I train, but Emerson is doing well, he can have a good shot. So maybe he is the one people don’t know so well.

Who is the most active on social media?

I think David Luiz, he does a lot of stuff on social media and just after his birthday party recently he put a lot of stuff on straight after.

If you could book any music act to play at Under the Bridge [the venue at Stamford Bridge], who would it be and which players would you try to convince to come with you?

Coldplay. Toni Rudiger loves his music but there is no chance I would take him to see Coldplay. I tell you something – you know Gladiator, the movie, I would love to hear this music when I get on the pitch!

Who do you eat lunch with at Cobham?

It depends who is there from the players, or sometimes I eat with the medical staff.

And the question for Jorginho – where would you rather visit for holiday – Greece or Brazil?

I have never been to Greece for holidays. I have been to Brazil to play the World Cup but I will say there in order to visit a little bit more of Brazil.


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