Foundation’s successful trip to Phuket

The Chelsea Foundation recently delivered the pioneering scheme, the Chelsea FC Player Development Project, at Thankyapura Health and Sports Resorts, Phuket.

A long-term programme that has a series of events such as camps, talent identification sessions and coach education workshops, the Chelsea FC Player Development Project was delivered for the first time ever in Phuket, to more than 40 people from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and England.

During the Thai national holiday of Songkran, the Foundation also engaged with some local teams as they hosted free sessions for more than 120 players across the island.

International technical support officer Max Fouracre said: ‘It’s great to be a part of what the football club is doing on an international level allowing players the access to a genuine Chelsea FC experience delivered by our coaches.

‘The players have been fantastic all week and have trained in some tough conditions due to the heat!

‘The most satisfying thing for ourselves as coaches is seeing how the players developed and progressed not only on the field but off the field as well.’

Janya Nakvijita, a coach at 2F Football Club, said: ‘First of all thank you very much to Thanyapura for inviting us and joining this very special clinic from Chelsea Football Club.

‘Our players and parents were very excited to have a good experience with Chelsea's coaches. Our players enjoyed the training and had lots of fun, even though it’s very hot in Phuket.

‘The sessions and games were very interesting and fun, and this will be useful for our academy in order to develop the kids step by step. We can't offer enough thanks to coaches Max, Chris and Nok. It was fantastic training for the young kids to play easy football.

‘On behalf of 2F Football Club, thank you once again, and we look forward to having a great opportunity to participate in a valuable Chelsea training session in the future.’

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