Photo Finish: Toni Rudiger

In the second of a summer series in which we ask the players to talk about one of our favourite images of them from the 2018/19 season, we move on to Toni Rudiger who tells us about the photo below.

It shows our German centre-back celebrating a win away at Cardiff back in March with his partner in defence David Luiz, whom he talks about here...


‘When I came new to Chelsea I was looking forward to playing alongside him [David Luiz]. That didn’t happen that often in my first season here, so I was very happy for him he played more this season. He’s a very good person and also an extraordinary football player.

‘I get on with him very well. He’s like a big brother and role model. He’s a very like positive guy always and very important in the dressing room. I am very happy to play alongside him for another two years.

‘Certainly we are both good with the ball, I think he has a bit of an advantage cause that’s his game, but in terms of the more aggressive, there comes my place.’