Photo Finish: Olivier Giroud

In the next in our summer series in which we ask the players to talk about one of our favourite images of them from the 2018/19 season, we speak to Olivier Giroud who tells us about photo below.

It takes us back to our successful Europa League campaign and the night when the striker scored three goals away against Dynamo Kiev…

‘This is after I scored the third one after the free-kick from Willian’s assist,' Giroud says. 'It was a great feeling especially because I scored one right foot, one left foot, one header. I didn’t realise it was one each, and I didn’t know you called it a ‘perfect hat-trick’ so it was the first time for me! We don’t have a name for it in France.

‘The most important thing for a striker is to have the opportunity to score and to finish the good work of the team. That’s my job, so I am always happy and proud to help the team.

‘I kept the ball. I have got four balls now. I got all the boys’ signatures on it and I will remember it, and it makes it even nicer that we went on to win the tournament.’


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