The Chelsea Foundation hosted a disability awareness event at Coombe Boys School in New Malden in south-west London this week.

As part of the school’s Diversity Day, more than 360 children from Coombe Boys School and Coombe Girls School took part in a fun-filled day of sporting activities.

The students took part in activities including blind football and learnt how to modify sessions for people with disabilities.

Chelsea Foundation disability coordinator Ellie Crabb said: ‘We’ve been hosting a disability awareness event as part of the school’s Diversity Day so we’ve been looking at blind football and we have also been looking at the differentiation of sessions for children with disabilities.

‘We hope the children will gain an understanding of what it’s like for someone who has a disability. Hopefully from that they’ll be able to educate others and to support others learning and to understand about that overall aspect of inclusion.

‘These type of events are really important because children in schools are getting diagnosed with disabilities earlier.

‘These students are in year nine and some of them may have a disability and some may not know that they have a disability and so it’s really important that they start to understand what kind of person they need to be to work with someone with a disability.’

Year nine student Isabelle said: ‘We’ve been taking part in blind football and learning to trust our partners – and today’s activities has made me grateful for what I actually have.

‘It’s very important that we don’t treat anyone any differently, we should still try and involve anyone with a disability even if they do find it a little bit harder to take part.’

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