Sam Kerr exclusive: First Words with Chelsea Women signing

Our newest signing, Australian forward Sam Kerr, has spoken for the first time as a Blue following her big move to Chelsea…

The attacker, who recently won the National Women’s Soccer League golden boot for a third-consecutive season and was voted as the League’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), will team up with Chelsea Women on December 27 after signing a two-and-half-year contract.

The Matildas captain believes Chelsea are building ‘something special’ and wants to win trophies with the club while becoming a better player. She reveals all in her interview below. There is video and much more about Kerr on the Chelsea Women Instagram account.

A warm welcome to Chelsea – what made you decide to sign for the club?

‘It was honestly the relationships I had with people around the club, talking to Emma [Hayes] was really the main thing. I felt like I could trust her and I felt like the club is doing everything possible to make me happy and make the transition as easy as possible.

‘It’s exciting. I wanted to come to the club and Emma gained my trust pretty quickly and that’s really important with me. She’s already been on my back about certain things and that’s what I want, I’m coming here to become a better player and yeah I’m excited.’

There will have been a lot of interest in signing you – was it a tough decision?

‘There were parts that were difficult. Probably the part that was most difficult was leaving friends and the US because I’ve created such a home there, but it was just time for me to make a change. And once I had my eyes set on Europe, it was kind of an easy decision to choose Chelsea as a club.’

You have played your domestic football in your homeland Australia and the USA for many years now. How exciting is the change of playing in England?

‘Yeah it is exciting. Clubs like this are the biggest clubs in the world so it’s an exciting change but also a nerve-wracking change. It’s going to be different and I’m excited for the challenge.’

You’ve broken many records and you’ve lots of individual awards. Which is the stand-out one?

‘I think for me probably winning the golden boots in the NWSL. It’s not an easy league to score goals in and I have been doing so consistently.’

How would you describe yourself as a player?

‘I’m definitely athletic, I like to do things very quickly, there is a lot of speed about my game. I’ve been working on my finishing and goalscoring in the recent years and I don’t know, I think that’s for the fans to decide. But yeah I think I’m an athletic, speedy forward.’

Who are you looking forward to playing with and against in England?

‘I’m definitely excited to play with Ji, I’ve played against her a lot of times. Being from Australia we play South Korea quite a bit. She’s quality on the ball so I’m excited about that.

‘Obviously Fran Kirby is a big name, but they are all big names. They play in great national teams. There are a few Swedish girls and Norwegians which I’m excited about, it’s going to be the most internationals I’ve played with in a team so it’s going to be good.

‘Honestly I’m just excited to be playing against those big clubs and having those rivalries, I think it’s a great thing and it’s something I’ve been following from the US.’

You’ve just signed a two-and-a-half-year contract. What are your aims and aspirations in that time?

‘First things first is I want to win the league and qualify for the Champions League and go from there. There are things like the FA Cup but for me the most important thing is winning the league and qualifying for Champions League.’

Qualifying for the Champions League is a huge focus for Chelsea. Is that one of the main reasons for moving to Chelsea?

‘I think so, but the main reason for me was to better myself and expand my knowledge. I felt like Chelsea was the right fit for me and I want to help them do something great.

‘It appealed to me that there is a challenge ahead like qualifying for the Champions League. Unfortunately they didn’t do it last year so hopefully things can change this year.’

Do you have a message for the Chelsea fans?

‘I can’t wait to join the club and hopefully you welcome me with open arms because I’m so excited to come and represent the club and show what I’m made of. And hopefully we’ll win some silverware together.’

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