Lampard on transfer ban lifted – ‘Picture has changed, we must get it right’

Frank Lampard discusses Chelsea's transfer ban being lifted

A couple hours after learning the news that his club’s transfer ban has been reduced after our appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Frank Lampard was able to comment on it during his pre-match media conference.

A fine imposed was also reduced from 600,000 to 300,000 Swiss francs but naturally it was the possibility that new players can be registered in January if wanted that was the big topic for discussion.

‘Now we know,’ Lampard began as he considered today’s ruling.

’Obviously the club was working towards that and it is a positive outcome for us. It allows the potential to look at the market going forward and so I am pleased from a footballing level. It is not my business to get involved in the legal side of it. I see it purely on a football level and from my point of view and for the club moving forward, it is obviously a good thing.’

The head coach said that detailed discussions on who might be brought in have been on hold pending the verdict, and he added:

‘The club have been working away putting forward our case and I have been working away trying to get us doing okay on the pitch, and now it is a discussion we can start taking up.

‘I am certainly not going to sit here today and go too far down any lines to do with that [who the transfer targets might be] and I am happy with the squad that I have here. We are doing okay.

‘The reason people have given us a lot of credit this season is probably because they expected less of us and we have to give credit to the group that is working now to get to where we got to. I still want more. I think we could have more points and be higher up the table.

‘As we go forward and I feel or we feel as a club that there are positions we could strengthen, then we will obviously look at that, as all big clubs do. That is why people expected less of us this season because lots of clubs around us and below us were spending 100 million or 150 million and we did not have that chance, and we lost Eden Hazard and we lost two no.9s.

‘Now the picture has slightly changed and it is important we get it right moving forward.’

Getting it right Lampard explained involves making sure the importance balance he has in the squad as a whole is not adversely affected. He does not think only about 11 on the pitch but about 20-plus players who are needed over the course of the whole season.

‘It is a much bigger process now than just me making decisions on who we buy. It does not work that simply. It won’t be just myself who gets it right or wrong and as a club we will have full discussions. I have very open discussions with Marina [Granovskaia – club director] and the owner. They know where I am coming from and I know where they are coming from and any recommendations I make will be ones I see can improve us in the way or shape we want to go.

‘It will be a challenge and hopefully we can get it right.’


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