Maurizio Sarri reveals what can be done to turn things around

It has been a testing period of late but Maurizio Sarri is determined to ‘solve our problems’ and help restore the players’ confidence.

The Blues' busy February continues apace tomorrow evening when Malmo visit the Bridge for the second leg of our round of 32 Europa League tie.

Sarri addressed the media at Cobham and provided his thoughts on the game as well as an injury update. He also answered questions about his future, the team’s recent form and what can be done to turn things around.

‘It’s not easy because we have to play every three days,’ Sarri pointed out.

‘We have no time, but we are trying to solve our problems. We are trying to talk with the players, avoiding some mistakes by [watching] videos.

‘I have to think we are able to improve, and able to improve immediately. The result is not everything. In the last match we played better, especially in the first half.

‘But we have to solve a big problem because we stayed in the other half for 75 minutes out of 90, and we were not able to score. They played only 15 or 16 balls into our box and they scored two goals. 

‘We have to solve this problem. It is probably a problem of aggression, determination in both boxes.’

Sarri was asked what he can do to change fan opinion

‘It’s very easy. We need to win three or four matches in a row. It’s the only solution. I can understand very well the frustration of our fans. They are used to winning, and now we are in trouble. There isn’t another way. We only have to have good performances and good results.

‘In this moment it’s very difficult to think we can win three or four matches in a row, but in football everything can change in one day. First of all we need a good performance and result, and then with more confidence we are able to do everything.’

Sarri revealed it is by no means his toughest time in football, and said it was much harder in Italy’s lower leagues. He remains confident of his position.

‘I have to think I will be the manager of Chelsea for a long time, otherwise I cannot work. I am not sure [I will be] but I have to think this, because I have to work and I want to work with a long-term target.’

N’Golo Kante’s position on the pitch was once again raised and Sarri addressed his role in his team

Following recent individual errors on the pitch, Sarri was asked if had considered making more changes to his team

‘Maybe, but at the moment a lot of players are making mistakes. Everybody sooner or later was involved in a mistake. We need more to change the mentality than the players.’

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