Hudson-Odoi coronavirus update: Young Blue now feeling fine

Further good news on Callum Hudson-Odoi’s recovery from COVID-19…

We are pleased to report Callum Hudson-Odoi is now feeling fine and back to his usual self following the period of self-isolation required after the player tested positive for COVID-19.

In addition to feeling good, the young winger is hard at work training at home to build and maintain his fitness, as are the rest of the Chelsea squad.

It was first announced on Friday 13 March that having been tested for the virus, Hudson-Odoi had tested positive, a result that meant as well as self-isolation, the men’s first-team building at Cobham was initially closed while it underwent a deep-cleaning procedure.

The player took to social media soon after to reassure supporters he was recovering well.

‘I’m following the health guidelines and self-isolating myself from everybody,’ he confirmed at that time.

Today’s positive update on Hudson-Odoi’s condition is the first for a week. Last Tuesday it was his manager Frank Lampard who reported that his player had made great progress and was by then close to feeling his usual self.

Following the deep-cleaning procedure at Cobham, the building has reopened for anyone working there who is not self-isolating.

Toni Rudiger told this website on Friday: ‘Everything is alright. We are still self-isolating, which means staying at home, so that’s what I’m doing.

‘This is something new for everyone and it’s a little bit scary. I am a very family person but I cannot even see them at the moment. It’s not possible to fly because you don’t know if you will catch something and bring it home.’

Captain Cesar Azpilicueta explained via FaceTime this weekend how he is keeping fit and gave a message to Chelsea fans.

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