Quiz! Can you name all 54 clubs Frank Lampard scored against?

Frank Lampard is of course our all-time record scorer with 211 Chelsea goals to his name. They came against 54 different clubs, and we are testing your knowledge to see if you can name them all! 

Lampard's 13-year playing career at Stamford Bridge yielded a remarkable number of goals which will take some beating. The midfielder scored a huge variety and they came against plenty of different opposition, too. In fact, 54 clubs suffered at the hands of Lampard when he was wearing a Chelsea shirt. 

To help you work them out, we have provided the league the opposition team is currently in. For foreign teams, we have provided the country they are from. The number in brackets denotes the volume of goals Lampard scored against that opposition side. 

There are 12 minutes on the clock for you to guess by typing the team's name into the answer box. If you reach your maximum before the time elapses, just hit 'give up' and the remaining answers will be revealed. Once you've finished, don't forget to share how you've got on with us on social media.

Hit the green play button to get started. Best of luck!