Callum Hudson-Odoi: First, Last and Always

In the latest instalment of our feature where we ask players to make selections based on their past, their recent choices and what crops up time and time again, Callum Hudson-Odoi talks childhood holidays, favourite foods and motivating music...

First: What was the first football kit you ever wore?

I remember I had a little birthday party at my house when I was about five. Everyone came round, we had face-painting and my mum bought me a Real Madrid kit. They were one of my favourite teams at the time.

Last: When was the last time you wore a football shirt of a team you weren’t playing for?

It was quite recently when I swapped shirts with Ainsley Maitland-Niles after we played Arsenal.

Always: What is the best old football shirt you have kept?

I’ve kept all my shirts from every special moment in my life – making my debut for Chelsea, first England cap, first goal for Chelsea, those kind of things. They are all special to me.

First: What was the first thing you had to eat or drink this morning?

The first thing I had to drink was some water and then for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, toast and beans. I’ve been cooking more for myself recently.

Last: What is the last thing you normally eat or drink before bed?

It depends really because every day is different. I usually have a little snack - either some crisps, a biscuit or some cereal.

Always: What do you eat most during the week?

I love spaghetti so I think it’s probably that. It helps keep my energy up for when I go out and do my exercise.

First: What was the first movie you really liked growing up?

I can’t remember too many but I’d probably say Lion King.

Last: What was the last film or TV programme you watched?

The Last Dance with Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman on Netflix. It gives you a bit more detailed context into their lives as basketball players, what they were doing to succeed and also how big the NBA was at the time. I like to see the behind-the-scenes stuff that you don’t necessarily know about.

Always: What have you watched most often in your life?

When I was young I watched a lot of Disney films but as I’ve grown up it’s probably series like Power, Money Heist and Prison Break.

First: Can you remember the first mobile phone you owned?

It was a Samsung phone that you could flip up but I can’t remember what exact model it was. I must have been about eight probably.

Last: What was the last app you installed on your current device?

I got Zoom quite recently, which is good for video calling people during the lockdown.

Always: What do you spend most time on your phone doing?

Probably either on social media like Instagram and Snapchat or messaging my family.

First: When you were a child, where did you go on holiday?

I went to quite a few places when I was younger like Spain and also Ghana with my family. That’s where my parents are from and we have a house there so it’s a nice place to just relax.

Last: What is the most recent place you have visited for a break?

The most recent holiday I went on was to Dubai in the winter break. I think almost every Premier League player was there but it was nice to relax with them away from football for a bit.

Always: Where do you go to most often?

It depends how long we have off really. If it’s a longer break I’ll probably try to go somewhere hot like Spain, Portugal or Dubai. If it’s short, I’ll go somewhere a bit closer like Paris or Barcelona.

First: Did you pass your driving test first time?

No, I passed second time. I just don’t think the instructor liked me when I took my first test. As soon as I got in the car she was just looking out of her window and said ‘drive!’ There was no interaction and I could tell she didn’t want to pass me. I did have to swerve to avoid a car on a roundabout but that wasn’t my fault!

Last: When was the last time you used public transport?

Probably a few years ago when I was coming into training at Cobham on the train.

Always: What music do you always listen to in the car?

There are so many artists - Tory Lanez, Drake, Chris Brown. For me, I try to listen to music that gets me upbeat on the way into training so I have energy and I’m ready to go when I get in.


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