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Check out players’ choice for the Chelsea Power Workout playlist

Exercise! We all need to be doing it during these lockdown times and there are few people who know more about staying in shape than the Chelsea players.

Whether you are a professional athlete like they are, an amateur fitness fanatic or someone who finds moving a bit of a chore, our players have a big tip for making it through the daily workout – and that is to listen to good music.

To help with your listening selection, we have asked stars from Chelsea’s men’s and women’s team to choose tracks for The Chelsea Power Workout playlist, on the Beats by Dre Apple Music profile.

They explain their choices in the videos below. Jorginho leans towards music from his homeland, while Emerson mixes his selection up depending on what stage of the workout he is in. For Ruben Loftus-Cheek, it all comes to the weather!

Chelsea FC Women’s captain Magda Eriksson and star striker Sam Kerr include some of the biggest artists around in their choices, so watch the clips below and help get inspired for your daily workout!

*Warning: Some of these songs contain explicit lyrics