Ruben Loftus-Cheek: First, Last and Always

In the latest instalment of our feature where we ask players to make selections based on their past, their recent choices and what crops up time and time again, Ruben Loftus-Cheek talks holidaying in Swanage as a kid, jumping on the Tube and the latest app he's installed...

First: What was the first football kit you ever wore?

It was actually an Arsenal kit when I was about six because I really liked Thierry Henry at the time. It was obviously very shortly after that I started with Chelsea at the Academy.

Last: When was the last time you wore a football shirt of a team you weren’t playing for?

That would be a few years ago, I can’t really remember. I’ve had a few shirts that I’ve swapped with players but I don’t wear them.

Always: What is the best old football shirt you have kept?

I’ve got a few different shirts including some from back in the day when we went abroad with the Academy when I was 12 or 13 – AC Milan, Torino and teams like that. They’re in the archive somewhere in my house.

First: Can you remember the first phone you owned?

It was a Blackberry Curve when I was in secondary school.

Last: What was the last app you installed on your current device?

It was actually Strava so I can log my running and pace and things like that. I’ve obviously been doing a lot of running by myself recently so that’s been a good feedback app for me.

Always: What do you spend most time on your phone doing?

It’s probably texting now. In the past I used to spend a lot of time if I was bored just scrolling but now I only try and go on my phone when I need to reply to messages and stuff.

First: What was the first movie you really liked growing up?

2 Fast 2 Furious. That was the second one of the Fast & Furious films and definitely sticks out for me.

Last: What was the last film or TV programme you watched?

It was a film called Disturbia with Shia LaBeouf. I watched it before when I was younger and they’ve just put it on Netflix now so I rewatched it and it brought back some memories.

Always: What have you watched most often in your life?

I don’t really like TV series because they just take so long. I’ve found before they can be a time-waster sometimes, especially when there’s like 24 episodes in a season – you realise how much time it takes! I prefer movies because you have the beginning and the end and still get the same storyline.

First: When you were a child, where did you go on holiday?

I didn’t go abroad with my family until I was 16. We used to get a caravan down in Swanage because we couldn’t really afford to go away on a plane.

Last: What is the most recent place you have visited for a break?

Dubai in one of the international breaks before Christmas when the physios gave me a few days off. It was my first proper break since I had the injury.

Always: Where do you go to most often?

I like Ibiza. A lot of people think of it as a party island but there are some really nice parts to it as well.

First: What was the first video game you bought?

I think it was Crash Bandicoot on the first PlayStation.

Last: What was the last video game you played?

FIFA 20. I hadn’t really played for six months or so but I’ve been playing a lot since lockdown.

Always: Who do you play with?

I’ve been playing a lot of Ultimate Team since lockdown – playing against friends and just online in general.

First: Did you pass your driving test first time?

Yeah I passed first time. I had four minors but I was generally pretty good.

Last: When was the last time you used public transport?

Sometimes I jump on the Underground just to go a couple of stops if I need to but that’s usually off the cuff if it’s a short trip.

Always: What music do you always listen to in the car?

I switch it up depending on how I’m feeling but mostly it’s UK grime.

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