Quiz! Can you name the 10 teams Chelsea have never beaten?

This season’s Champions League group stage has given Chelsea three new opponents, which will soon take the total number of sides we’ve faced in competitive matches up to 192. Only 10 of them have previously avoided defeat against the Blues – the big question is, can you name them?

The challenge is to name the 10 sides we have never got the better of, with a 10-minute time limit. 

The first clue is that none of these teams are English. Only one tie was not in European competition. The teams are listed in alphabetical order here.

There are specific clues next to each answer, but you'll have to have a fantastic memory to get them all! When you have finished the quiz, click here to read more about the 10 teams we have played but never beaten. 

For now, simply click 'Play' to get going. And good luck!