International Blues Quiz: Identify the players by nationality!

With club football still on pause, for a few more days at least, we have a quiz for you to pass the time that focuses on Chelsea internationals past and present... 

The aim of the game is to identify each player by his nationality. However, with the clock ticking and so many players on the board, it's not as easy as it sounds!

For this 10-1 quiz, you'll start with a list of 55 Chelsea players and 10 categories to put them into. Each category is a nationality and you just have to click on the name of each player who represented that country on the international stage. 

In the first round, there are 10 players to correctly identify, in the second round nine and on it goes. If you click a wrong answer, you'll lose a point but will be able to continue finding the rest of that country's international stars.

We've put five minutes on the clock and there are 55 points up for grabs so have a go and see how well you can score. Best of luck!