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Kai gets connected with Three

Kai Havertz Shows Off His Skills to Jack Downer | Connect With Episode 1

Kai Havertz was the first Chelsea player to take part in Three’s Connect With… series, getting to swap skills and tips with one of the world’s leading freestyle footballers.

The series gives an insight into some of the Blues’ interests and favourite online content, with members of the squad meeting the people they enjoy watching and learning from over the internet.

The first player to take part was Havertz, who received a visit at Cobham, before Covid-19 restrictions were heightened last month, from Jack Downer, better know to many as @streetpanna. Londoner Jack has become an online sensation with his freestyle skills, as well as winning national and international competitions.

His videos showing off skills around the capital have been shared worldwide and earned him the title of the ‘nutmeg king’, but even he managed to learn a thing or two from Havertz as the two swapped tricks and tips at Cobham and discussed their favourite skills.

As well as perfecting their own synchronised freestyle routine, the two discussed the German’s first few months in England and his first hat-trick, which it turns out is another highlight reel he enjoys watching online.

‘Of course when you score your first hat-trick you watch it back and you watch the goals,’ said Havertz. ‘It was an amazing feeling for me, for my family, but it was just the start and I need to continue.’

You can watch Kai and Jack sharing their freestyle skills in the video at the top of this story and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of Three’s Connect With… series coming soon. Next up Tammy Abraham will be discussing his and his team-mates’ hairstyles, before you can find out who the gaming addict in the Blues dressing room is, who loves their tattoos and which Chelsea Women players are obsessed with darts.

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