Video exclusive: Tuchel on an unmissable opportunity and his plans for Chelsea

EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Tuchel on ‘unmissable’ Chelsea opportunity

In his first sit-down interview as Chelsea head coach, Thomas Tuchel has described how he couldn't turn down the opportunity to take the reins at Stamford Bridge and outlined his plans for the Blues moving forward...

The full interview can be watched above. 

In the video, Tuchel begins by explaining what it means to be at Chelsea...

'It’s hard to explain honestly. My life was turned upside down in the last three days, but we had the feeling me and my staff that we cannot let this chance go away and we cannot miss this opportunity to be part of this club and be part of the Chelsea family and compete with this squad and club in the toughest league in Europe. It feels absolutely amazing.'

One of the topics he discussed was his history for helping young players develop...

‘I like that we have not only young players but young players from the Academy which is crucial for me in any club in the world. Chelsea is famous for having one of the best academies in Europe so there must be a way that we push the guys.

‘We can never forget that it takes some time to be part of the one of the most demanding teams in the world and of course we play for titles and results, so if you want to make it here it’s one of the biggest challenges for a youngster. But we will never stop pushing them, we will guide them, we will help them, and we have a lot of young players especially up front.

‘We have a lot of young players from Germany and other foreign countries and not only from the Academy and that excites us because it’s nice to guide them, to help them and to teach them and to follow their development. For me it’s a feeling you get when you have hungry players who have to earn their results and earn their titles here, and didn’t do it in the other clubs but want to do it here. Its sets for me basics for a certain spirit for a certain style and that means we want to show a certain intensity and hunger to make our supporters proud of us.’

Tuchel finished by talking about what he wants to achieve at Chelsea and bring for the fans...

‘Honestly when I think about Chelsea and my time at Chelsea I want to win trophies. This is clear. This club is about winning titles. I believe that to achieve this it is necessary that we create an atmosphere, in the squad and between the squad and the staff, that the people who support us can feel it, that there’s something special about this team.

‘We can create this on a daily basis. It can be a big distraction to think now about trophies. I want the people to be happy in the stadium. I want the people to be excited, I want the people to absolutely feel that we are going with a hunger to win and not with a fear to lose. We have nothing to lose, we are Chelsea and we do what we love the most, we do football.

‘This is what I want to let everybody feel. I’m so sad that there are no supporters today in the stadium and hopefully we can enjoy this in some weeks. But this is it. We set the bar very high, also for myself, what I demand of myself, where to bring this team, up to the top, and I go for nothing less. Will I make it? I don’t know, but this is the target.’

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