Quiz: Two-time Blues

Chelsea could meet our former midfielder Nemanja Matic on Sunday when we come up against Manchester United. The 32-year-old is part of a select group of those who have had two separate playing stints with the Blues – but how many of them can you name?

In our 116-year history, only 13 players have ever returned for a second spell with our first team. We’re not going to expect you to name the pre-war duo – massive kudos if you knew it was Ronald Brebner and Alec Cheyne – but you should be able to have a punt at the rest.

To help you out, we’ve given you the dates of their two stints at the club, as well as an additional clue for each player. Good luck, and remember to click the link after the quiz to find out a bit more about those for whom once simply was not enough...