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Chelsea Foundation participants complete Race Europe event

Chelsea Foundation participants have completed The Race Europe event and raised more than £1200 for the Foundation.

The event has seen 14 London football clubs race across Europe in a virtual challenge throughout March, with the aim to be the fastest to cover the 6,720 miles that separate all of the Euro 2021 host cities by running, walking or cycling the distance collectively.

Members of the Chelsea Foundation’s Walking Football teams covered 6,720 miles between them, while students on our programme in collaboration with St Mary’s University collected 820 miles.

Participants on our Kicks programme clocked up 616 miles and some of our Chelsea Champion school pupils, aged between 11 and 14 years old, covered 587 miles.

Gareth Davies, Chelsea Foundation London community manager, said: ‘With the end of lockdown in sight, The Race Europe event has allowed participants from our various programmes to work together to get outside, get active and to help raise money for the Foundation.

‘We are extremely proud of every one of the participants who has taken part.’

St Mary’s second year student Dan O’Donoghue said: ‘Taking part in Race Europe benefitted many people, myself included.

‘It really gave me a reason to get out there and get exercising through walks, runs and cycling.

‘Not being able to see friends, family and team-mates due to restrictions means we have lost that camaraderie, but being part of a team in Race Europe helped get that back somewhat; wanting to get out there exercising to benefit your team and give you motivation to work towards something collectively.’

You can still show your support for those who completed the Race Europe challenge by donating here