Extra Time With…Jess Carter

With the international break in full swing, Jess Carter talks about her interests away from the pitch in a special edition of our player interview series Extra Time With…

Carter only had experience of grassroots football when she was signed by Birmingham City following a successful trial at the age of 15.

Aged just 16, Carter won the Player of the Match award on her Champions League debut for the Midlands side, but it could have been all so different if Carter had chosen an egg-shaped ball rather than a round one…

‘I played pretty much all sport that you do at school. I played at county level in netball and rounders, but I also played rugby. That was my second sport, I’m probably better at rugby than I am at football!’ Carter says.

‘I played that up until I was 16, then I wasn’t able to play rugby alongside my football, so I had to choose between one or the other.

‘I played for a local club near me and then I went and played for Worcester Warriors. They were the team that were close to me and at that level for girls. I moved across a lot of positions, because I was a bit of a runner compared to the other girls. I was fly-half for a bit and then I was in the back, and I also played on the wing – but I quite liked fly-half.’

‘Me and Sammy K are up there with the biggest JB fans!’

‘I listen to anything. I like old school R&B because I’ve grown up with my Dad and that’s all he listened to, but I have to say I’m the biggest fan of Justin Bieber. I love him!

‘Me and Sammy K are up there with the biggest JB fans. Everyone may slate me for that, but he doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

‘I don’t really like any rap music; I don’t listen to any of that. I like everything but I’ve definitely got a soft spot for JB!’

Nail technician inspires next holiday destination

‘I enjoy travelling, I will literally go anywhere! The last trip I went on was to Mexico and I really want to go to Hawaii, that is my ultimate place I want to go to.

‘I don’t really know why but I’m interested in going to the Philippines. I have no idea or where that has come from but maybe it’s because every time I go to the nail salon, I see the same lady who is from there and she always tells me how amazing it is, so maybe that’s what has got me wanting to go there!’

‘We are a loud and jokey family!’

‘I’m big on family. If we are meeting up at my Dad's, we are a big barbeque family, that’s the American in us, so he will put a load of food out on the barbeque.

‘We all get together, have some food - we are a loud and jokey family - and we have a laugh.’

New hair style to show sister support

‘I cut my hair because my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.

‘I wanted to support her, but she lives in Newcastle and I felt that I wanted her to know that she wasn’t alone, so I cut my hair to support her.’