Chelsea Foundation

Edge of the Box Club providing start-ups with online opportunities

More than 100 start-ups recently joined our latest Chelsea Foundation’s Edge of the Box Club online to learn the skills and knowledge to help start their own online shop.

In collaboration with Google Digital Garage, the Foundation provided participants with advice and support towards running an online shop, at a time when delivering a full online experience for their customers has never been more important.

This was the latest Edge of the Box Club, adding to sessions that the Foundation have already hosted this year on digital marketing, social media strategies and building engaging presentations.

The Foundation has also recently completed an annual survey of our start-ups to find out what stage their businesses are at, what skills they wish to learn more about and gather more information on the diverse group of start-ups our Edge of the Box Club serves, to ensure we are continuing to be inclusive and provide the best level of support possible.

Chelsea Foundation Employability and Enterprise manager, Carl Southwell said: ‘Thank you to all the start-ups that joined us again and to Google Digital Garage for their support, in particular Ashton John for presenting.

‘I’m never surprised by the resilience of the start-ups and their commitment to sharing and collaborating with each other.

‘We have built a real home for this to take place at Edge of the Box Club for the early stage start-up community.

‘It would be great to help even more people who are thinking about starting a business or have an idea they want to test, so we welcome you into our club as it was built for you and your business.’

Natalie is the founder of Wholistic Health which offers well-being therapies, services, and lifestyle products and she said: ‘This was my first Edge of the Box Club session and the information and perspectives provided were very beneficial.

‘I am in the early stages of starting up my business and the 'Set Up Your Online Shop' session drew my attention to the importance of the customer experience.

‘From little things such as how many clicks at the checkout, to the design of your packaging - small but very important details which can take away or add to your customers' experience, and as a result increase sales and drive repeat customers.’

Tracey, designer and instructor at Hoop and Glory, added: ‘Edge of the Box Club is a great way to stay connected to and gain support from other fellow entrepreneurs.

‘The sessions have really helped in giving me the tools and resources to organise and promote my business selling foldable hula hoops under my brand, Hoop & Glory.’

If you wish to sign up to our Edge of the Box Club, please email