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Chelsea Foundation ‘Keepie Uppie’ Challenge winners announced

The Chelsea Foundation have continued to engage young people and Kicks participants throughout the global pandemic with the introduction of our Freestyle Keepie Uppie Challenge.

The Foundation have explored different ways to engage with young participants on our programmes and the Freestyle Keepie Uppie Challenge is part of our Chelsea Foundation Kicks virtual programme which we are delivering to help maintain physical and mental well-being during these unprecedented times.

The challenge promoted an activity that young people could complete while in lockdown at home or in a social distanced setting.

The challenge was also part of our youth work delivery and involved partner youth clubs including it within their timetable of activities, as well as participants on other Foundation programmes and also young people in the wider community through our partner networks including local authorities and youth club providers.

Participants aged between eight and 18-years-old were invited to send a video of themselves taking part in the challenge with the best three entries awarded a prize.

The videos were judged and scored by the Chelsea Foundation Social Inclusion team, with the winning entries chosen based on their freestyling skills and the variety and complexity of their routine.

Coming in first place was 16-year-old Zak who won a £100 Nike voucher for his winning entry. Second-placed Yusuf, aged 11, won a Chelsea shirt and 10-year-old Kate came third, receiving a £40 Amazon voucher for her entry.

Check out all three winning entries below…

Senior social inclusion officer Callum Salhotra said: ‘Through the challenge we have been able to get some of our young people within the Kicks programme to showcase their skills.

‘So many participants have produced fantastic videos and demonstrated fantastic individual talents.

‘We hope this challenge has preoccupied young people as we return back to football!’

Social inclusion officer Tony Rodriguez added: ‘By setting this challenge, we reached out to a number of young people during this difficult time.

‘Participants not only used this as an opportunity to demonstrate their football skills, but also to set personal targets and maintain their mental wellbeing.

‘It was great to see lots of impressive videos that showed us how talented and motivated our participants are.’

The Foundation Social Inclusion team are making plans for another challenge in the near future. If you would like to register your interest, please email