Olivier Giroud’s Matchday Rituals

Olivier Giroud has long called Wembley his ‘garden’ and on the day Chelsea play another showpiece fixture at the national stadium, we caught up with the striker to hear about the daily routine that helps him prepare for games.

At 34 years old, with a World Cup winners medal and over 100 France caps to his name, Giroud is one of the most experienced players in the Blues squad. He also has more happy memories of playing at Wembley than most, and will be hoping to win his fifth FA Cup this season. His is a daily ritual honed over many years, even if some things can change it…

Papa Oli

Since I’m a dad for the fourth time, during the week I do the last bottle and my wife wakes up in the night. I wake up around 6.45am. It’s not bad, but when you go to bed around midnight or 1am because you have to stay awake, sometimes I enjoy a nap in the afternoon. Obviously it’s different if we are in the team hotel the night before a game.

Amazing breakfast options…

When I wake up I have to drink a big glass of water to clean my stomach and to make way for breakfast.

In the morning I check my phone to read my messages. I then try always to have freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee. Then I’m ready to go. If it's a training day, I love to listen to my music on the drive in, electro, pop, rock, all sorts.

During the week I like to have my breakfast at the training ground because we have chefs who are doing everything. I like to mix up what I have, sometimes things like omelettes, or toast and eggs, or fruit and cereal.

Match mode

If we are playing a game that day, I don’t think it’s nice to think about and prepare for the game too early. You just have to prepare yourself well, with a good nap, and getting treatment if you need it.

Then when you are on the coach after the meeting at the hotel, it’s nice to start thinking about the opposition team, which players you will face, their main strengths and weaknesses. Once you're at the stadium, you're into match mode and just getting ready for kick-off.