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‘When I feel like I’m happy and free, that’s when I’m at my best’ – Pulisic on what makes him tick

Rexona Unstoppable | Christian Pulisic | Episode 1

What enables Chelsea players to maintain focus and determination? Why is movement and sport so important and how does it help mentally and physically? Those are some of the questions answered by Christian Pulisic in our brand new Unstoppable series, in partnership with Rexona.

In the Unstoppable series, professor, consultant and best-selling author Damian Hughes has tapped into the mindset of some of our players to find out more about what motivates, inspires and reassures them in good times and bad.

In the first episode, Hughes speaks to Pulisic, a man with the weight of a nation on his shoulders. The American international reveals why he chose football over other competing sports, gives the reason for his determination to succeed, and discusses some of his career highlights so far.

There is also talk of the sacrifices the 22-year-old has made to get to where he is now, and the methods he deploys to reset and stay positive despite the inevitable setbacks sport brings.

‘It’s making sure that in those tough days you have people around you that motivate you,’ he says.

‘You have a good circle of friends and support system that’s going to drive you and motivate you to keep doing things.’

Pulisic also praises sport and exercise in playing a key role to feeling happier and accomplished. He says ‘the best way you can start your day is by going to get some exercise and moving around. It brings so much more joy to your day and allows you to feel much more relaxed throughout the day.’

You can watch the full discussion between Pulisic and Hughes and learn more about what makes our American star tick in the video above.