Tuchel: Chelsea players doing everything to force luck on our side

It is now 2-1 to Chelsea in terms of games won this season against Manchester City, ahead of the two teams meeting for the last time in 2020/21 in the Champions League final on 29 May.

The Citizens got one over on us at Stamford Bridge with a 3-1 win back in January but since then we have defeated them 1-0 at Wembley and 2-1 on their ground at the weekend. On the back of those two most recent results which came only three weeks apart, Thomas Tuchel has been asked if it is possible for one team to get into the heads of another.

‘I said before Saturday’s game it would not change it too much, whatever the result that came out of it, and I stick with that,’ Tuchel’s response began, ‘but surely it is not a disadvantage for us to have this experience now in such a short time, to have the possibility to beat them twice.

‘We know very well that if you play a final the context is special, and you need to fight for every centimetre and every little advantage you can maybe win to win the game again.

‘It gives us the true belief that we can do it because we already did it, and we will try to conserve this feeling and this momentum for our arrival in the final.

‘It feels like every game is a really decisive game because in all competitions we need to fight hard to reach our goals and fulfil our dreams,’ Tuchel added.

‘We take it like it is, it is not a disadvantage. I like the atmosphere and the spirit. The context of the games is that we are constantly under pressure and the team is living up to it in a very impressive way.’

Big game after big game after big game means the depth of the Chelsea squad is proving crucial. Tuchel was able to make five changes to the side that had knocked Real Madrid out of the Champions League and still record a major victory in Manchester.

‘There is no other possibility than having a strong squad and it is all about the players,’ the head coach said.

‘The players have to step up and this is what they do. If there is a possibility to play they need to show that they are ready to play and this is what they sign up for if they sign for Chelsea. We have high ambitions and the club has high ambitions and the players want to have the biggest success possible, so you really have to work for it and this is what they are doing. It is very pleasing as a coach.

‘You need the momentum, you need a little bit of luck, and the group right now and the players as individuals, they do everything to force this luck on our side.

‘Now that we catch this momentum and work so hard for it, there is the next challenge all the time to keep on going because the job is not done yet in any competition.’