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‘Movement is very important for my mental health’ – Giroud on importance of exercise in his career

"Judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up" | Olivier Giroud | Rexona Unstoppable | Episode 2

In the next episode of our Unstoppable series, in partnership with Rexona, Olivier Giroud reveals why physical movement has played such a vital role in his hugely successful career.

A World Cup winner with France three years ago and a man who has lived a rich and varied journey, Giroud underpins the importance of patience and perspective while discussing movement and sport with professor Damian Hughes.

Also a consultant and best-selling author, Hughes has tapped into the mindset of some of our players to find out more about what motivates, inspires and reassures them in good times and bad, with Giroud’s experience making him a compelling case study.

In the video, which you can watch in full above, the striker talks about the significance of loan spells, France’s World Cup win, and why staying physically fit is so important for his state of mind.

‘Having movement in my life is very important for my mental health,’ says Olivier.

‘I feel very good in my body and that’s very important to me. Movement gives me much more confidence.’

Giroud has learned many lessons during his time as a professional in France and England, and the ability to keep working hard even in times of strife is among the most important of those.

‘Even the best player in the world will tell you sometimes he has to deal with difficulties, and sometimes you should even be grateful to have it because it always helps you move forward and improve,’ notes the 34-year-old.

‘Doing the right thing is being professional, giving your best at training, having the right mentality, never complaining and trying to always find a positive, even in the negative.’