Tuchel sets new target

He is a freshly crowned European champion and Thomas Tuchel is allowing himself the chance to enjoy that magnificent achievement, but the Chelsea head coach is naturally looking to the future too, and he has been speaking about that in the wake of the big win in Porto.

It is not the first trophy success of the German’s career but it is of course the most prestigious, and he considered how such a victory should be treated.

‘It’s about the next one,’ Tuchel declared.

‘I experienced it in on a lower level when I won my first title in professional football and it was even a nice feeling that it did not do too much to me. When we won the cup with Dortmund, I did not arrive in the next training with less hunger, with less desire or with less ambition.

‘Of course now is the time to celebrate for some days and to enjoy it and let it sink in. This is the time now for one or two weeks to talk about it and reflect on it. But then surprisingly it does not do a lot to you, and I think that’s good because nobody wants to rest.

‘I don't want to rest. I want the next one. I want the next success and I want the next title and I want the next process on the same level of quality of consistency.

‘I want to be a part of it and this is what comes next. Make no mistake about it.’

On the pitch in Portugal, straight after beating Manchester City, Tuchel was able meet Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich for the first time in person. He has a simple message for him.

‘I can assure him that I will stay hungry. I want the next title and I feel absolutely happy, I feel part of a really ambitious club and a strong part of a strong group that suits my beliefs and suits my passion about football at the moment perfectly.

‘So my desire is to go for more victories. My desire is to grow as a coach and my desire is to push the group on the first day of the next season to the limit.

‘We have work to do. We have to close the gap and this is what I am all about.’

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