C-Score and Diabetes UK join forces to improve health and prevent disease with free club-developed app

C-Score, a new app developed by Chelsea Digital Ventures (CDV), and Diabetes UK have partnered together to mark Diabetes Week 2021 by raising awareness of the risks of the condition and providing a modern-day solution for people to prevent disease.

A free-to-use clinically validated tool that provides a holistic way for users to measure and monitor their general health, C-Score is a collaboration between global technology company Huma and CDV, a digital-first business spun out of Chelsea FC and the team behind Perfect Play and Blue Fuel.

In order to mark Diabetes Week 2021, which runs from 14-20 June, C-Score has teamed up with Diabetes UK to provide information on how the condition can be prevented. This is being promoted on the club’s social media channels this week.

C-Score, now available on iOS and on Android, can be used as a means of measuring, monitoring and improving a range of key healthcare indicators that play a key role in increasing the risk of developing diabetes.

Almost five million people in the UK have the condition, with 13.6 million at increased risk of type 2 diabetes, and it can take up to 10 years for it to be diagnosed. However, diabetes can be prevented with a closer eye on general health.

One of the key indicators of the condition is obesity so the quick and easy tests available on C-Score can help to manage this risk early and provide solutions for users to make better choices for their long-term health.

‘I’m delighted that Chelsea have over the past four years developed a tool such as C-Score to help everyone'

photo of Carlo Cudicini Carlo Cudicini

There are other early warning signs too, including but not limited to: going to the toilet a lot (especially at night), being really thirsty, feeling more tired than usual, losing weight without trying to, genital itching or thrush, cuts and wounds taking longer to heal, blurred eyesight, increased hunger.

Anybody concerned about these symptoms or wishing to check out more of the excellent information Diabetes UK provides can visit their website here

Using a range of leading technology and public health experts, C-Score leverages the capabilities available on a smartphone to help people better understand their health, prevent disease and make positive changes for long-term results. It has been developed in conjunction with medical experts and validated against 500,000 UK health records.

Former Chelsea Player of the Year Carlo Cudicini, a goalkeeper for the Blues between 1999 and 2009, said:

‘I’ve been fortunate to have access to world-leading health and nutrition advice. Since retirement, the need to be in peak condition for the next game has passed, but the need to stay healthy for my family and to live life to the fullest remains.

‘I’m delighted that Chelsea have over the past four years developed a tool such as C-Score to help everyone regardless of which team they support, to improve their health and that of their loved ones.'

Data is collected across seven indicators of long-term health, including heart rate, sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption and waist-to-height ratio to determine a C-Score, which can be tracked regularly to maintain a consistent understanding of general health.

Initial scores are calculated through a series of speedy and simple tests taking less than 10 minutes in total, with each measure a different contributing factor to general health. The app then provides a 0-100 overall score and goes on to set out personal health goals, whether that’s getting extra sleep at night or trying to lose a little weight.

Research has shown that a 10-point increase in a C-Score can result in a 31 per cent reduction in relative risk of death from preventable diseases such as a heart attack or stroke over the next 10 years.

Chelsea FC has a long-standing commitment to health and fitness as one of the most recognised professional sports teams in the world. This includes working daily with our players to ensure they are at their peak, to many initiatives across the club and Chelsea Foundation promoting wellbeing for our local and global communities.

The club has helped develop C-Score through CDV in order to extend this commitment to our supporters and the wider community. Understand and improve your health today, including how to reduce your risk of diabetes, by downloading the free C-Score app.