Getting to know Chelsea Women: Niamh Charles

Today is Niamh Charles' birthday and to mark the occasion we are featuring her in our Getting to Know Chelsea Women feature. The youngster gives us an insight into her life away from football…

Among her answers, the Wirral-born winger tells us how she got into football, what she likes to do on her days off and reveals her biggest achievement.

What is your favourite thing about London?

Overall, the nicer weather to up north, which I cannot believe I am saying, but it is a little bit hotter down here!

Who is your best friend on the team?

I’d probably say Zecira Musovic.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to go out for food with friends.

What is your favourite type of food?


What is your favourite season and why?

It has got to be the summer because I like the long nights.

What is your biggest achievement?

Winning the league has got to be my biggest achievement!

When did you start playing football?

I started playing when I was four years old.

How did you get into it?

I showed an interest. My parents didn’t really push me but I kept on kicking a ball around the house so they took me to my local grassroots team.

Do you have any brothers or sisters, and do they play football?

I have one older sister and one younger brother. My brother is at the age where he does all sports, but my sister doesn’t play football.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?


Tea or coffee?

Neither, but when I need it coffee!

What is your favourite drink?

I just have juice, but I do like a good coffee. The Scandinavians are very all about their coffee. I don’t really like drinking it but it is nice. I just try and not drink too much of it.

Who inspired you when you were growing up?

Steven Gerrard and Fara Williams.

Did you study at university?

Yes, I studied Sport and Exercise Science.