Thomas Tuchel: Ask Me Anything!

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel was a special guest on The 5th Stand app this afternoon, as he popped by to speak directly to Blues fans from around the world.

The German took time out from his busy schedule to visit the Fan Chat on the official Chelsea app, agreeing to take part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ chat with supporters after finishing training at Cobham.

There were plenty of interesting topics to digest and for any of you that missed the chat earlier on, we’ve picked out the best bits for you to catch up on here!

Toby R - Do you prefer French or English cuisine, boss?

To be honest, I prefer French cuisine for breakfast, perhaps a pain au chocolat or a nice baguette. It’s not so good for the figure at my age but it tastes fantastic! In the evening, I would go for some English food such as fish and chips.

Olubunmi R - What’s your goal for the new season?

Well we want to win, we want to compete and of course we want to be successful. This is in Chelsea’s nature and of course we are up for the challenge. We will try to compete for every title in every competition we enter but I also think it will be a huge step forward if we can maintain the same quality, attitude and effort that we showed last season.

It will be more difficult this season because we are the Champions League winners and teams will want to beat us. It will be demanding but we are up for the challenge and the goals will come by taking care of the process.

Siddharth S - What’s the most peculiar thing you’ve noticed in England?

I’ve seen a lot of people here running a lot, playing sports like crazy and even my own staff at Cobham, they are all into running. They do 10, 11, 12 even 13k each day which is just fantastic. I’m an okay runner but compared to these guys, I'm a slow runner, one of the slowest in the building and I cannot keep up! Maybe I should start eating beans for breakfast, which seems a little strange for me as a German, but it’s what a lot of people here do!

Souvik B - Every manager has a nickname but which nickname would you choose for yourself?

Haha! I can’t give myself a nickname, I think that’s too much of a show-off, but lots of people here call me TT when they see the initials on my training kit. I’m happy with people calling me TT, so I’ll stick with that.

Nicolas N - If you could add one Chelsea legend in their prime to your squad, who would it be and why?

Tough question! I work every day with Petr Cech and he’s great to have around, so I’ll choose Petr with all of his experience. He works here as a Technical Advisor but he also helps out sometimes with our goalkeepers and I think it would have been fun to have coached him as a player.

I watched a documentary about him and Didier Drogba recently and both of them had such fantastic winning mentalities when they were playing, so focused and dedicated and for sure, they would be an asset to any team.

Isaac B - Hi Tuchel, as an 11-year-old playing in grassroots football, what advice would you have for me?

Well first of all, I’m really happy that you play the game and love the game. My advice is quite clear and that is just to say to you to enjoy playing, work hard, always listen to your coaches and, of course, follow follow your dream because you never know how far it can take you.

Varadarajan P - If you owned a club, who would you hire past or present to manage your team and why?

Oh that is too hard! I have spent my life as a coach, so I think I would want to interfere too much if I was an owner! I don’t think I would like not being able to get involved too much with the tactical aspect, so maybe I will just stick to being a coach.

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