Petr Cech column: Now is a time to turn the page

In the latest column by Petr Cech, our former goalkeeping great and current technical and performance advisor, he explains a player’s mindset after consecutive defeats and discusses his entry into the Say No To Hate photography competition…

This week we experienced two defeats which is something new for us, I have to say. It’s been a long time since the team had back-to-back defeats.

When you play for a big team, you always have this pressure on every result. The players are used to that pressure. It’s never nice to prepare for a game, do everything that’s needed and then the result is wrong. We have a group of players and staff who are here to win, so every result which doesn’t go our way leaves a feeling you need to overcome. What’s needed is the team finds the right reaction to that.

No matter how disappointed you feel, you need to find the energy to be positive

photo of Petr Cech Petr Cech

It increases the importance of the weekend game because you want to bounce back, especially at home and in the league, where we are in a really good position.

The one advantage you have is when there is a short period between games, you don’t have too much time to dwell on it. You just prepare and go again. That’s maybe one thing which is helpful.

In my career I saw it could affect some people more than others, but you just have to come in and concentrate on the preparation for the next game because you cannot change what happens in the past. You have to keep your mind positive and on the task.

No matter how big the disappointment you have had, or how disappointed you feel, the main part is turning the page, coming up, preparing, and finding the energy again to be positive and ready for the next match.

You can see the common goal

Yesterday I submitted my entry to the No To Hate photo competition, which invites Chelsea supporters worldwide to help demonstrate how sport can be a unifying force in society.

It’s good to mention this project. The No To Hate campaign is something we as a club are proud of, and this competition is a very interesting initiative. I would recommend people read more about it if they can. How would you capture diversity in your eyes? How do you capture an image of no hate?

It’s a very interesting topic and the picture of Kepa and Edou I chose has it all. It has respect, it has diversity, it has love. You can see the common goal: people are stronger together rather than fighting against each other.

We have this at the club. When the theme was ‘how do you see diversity in the Chelsea community?’ this is what came to my mind. This photo nicely represents what Chelsea is, and the values we hold. Everybody is together and respects each other, regardless of who we are or what culture we come from.

That’s as well the picture everybody remembers from the Super Cup. For me this photo is what Chelsea represents and what we are proud of.

How do you capture the feeling of diversity at your club? You need to think about that, and that makes you think about how the club is, and how best you would describe it. That leads you to spread awareness, so I really like the idea. That is why I am happy to participate and I would encourage you to do so, too. I am glad many other people have joined.

To find out more and give it a go, click here. I can’t promise you will beat my entry, though!

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